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Urea bears out

The urea market has been declining since the "Eleventh" period. Although it has occasionally reversed, its rise has been relatively small and its duration is relatively short.

Analysis of Supply and Demand of Global Soda Ash Market

Affected by restrictions on access conditions and integration in the future, the concentration of domestic industries is expected to further increase.

CSRC approves soda ash futures trading, listed on December 6

On November 8, it was learned from the regular press conference of the Securities and Futures Commission that the Securities and Futures Commission has officially approved the soda ash futures to be listed and traded on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on December 6.

Atmospheric governance, winter heating, peak production, double pinch, caustic soda market began to "cool down"

2020 is the target year and key year for the three-year action plan to win the Blue Sky Defense War.
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