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Main uses of calcium chloride dihydrate

Today, Haizhiyuan manufacturer will introduce calcium chloride dihydrate to you. Calcium chloride dihydrate is mainly used to make moisture-proof boxes. By adsorbing water vapor in the air, it damages the damp environment of items, making it impossible for molds to absorb water and lose the conditions for existence. At the same time, the anti mold particles of this product can inhibit mold growth. So what are the main uses of calcium chloride dihydrate?

Dihydrate flake calcium chloride is a type of calcium chloride, with a content generally around 74%, higher than liquid calcium chloride and lower than anhydrous calcium chloride. The specifications of calcium chloride dihydrate include powder and flake forms, among which the transportation and use of calcium chloride dihydrate flake forms are convenient, resulting in a large amount of use and a wide range of uses.

The main uses of dihydrate flake calcium chloride are as follows:

  1. Mainly used in the production of refrigerants, antifreeze, automotive antifreeze, and fire extinguishing agents;


  1. The construction industry serves as an adhesive and wood preservative;


  1. Used as a coagulant for the production of sodium alginate in the food processing industry;


  1. Used for the purification of non-ferrous metals in the metallurgical industry;


  1. It can be used as a soil conditioner in agriculture.


【What is calcium chloride dihydrate】

Calcium chloride is an inorganic salt that can be divided into solid and liquid forms. Haizhiyuan Science Popularization explains that solid calcium chloride is a white crystalline substance that can be divided into flakes, granules, and powders according to its shape. At the same time, due to the different crystal water contained in solid calcium chloride, it is usually divided into dihydrate calcium chloride and anhydrous calcium chloride. Liquid calcium chloride is a colorless and transparent aqueous solution.


Dihydrate spherical calcium chloride, also known as ice calcium, is generally a white, gray white, or slightly yellow solid that is easily soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, and insoluble in ether. Its aqueous solution is neutral or slightly alkaline and corrosive. It can accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of building mortar, and is also used as a port defogger and road dust collector; Coagulants and calcium fortifiers for canned and soy products; Used for snow removal and deicing on roads, highways, parking lots, and docks. When storing dihydrate spherical calcium chloride, it should be stored in a well ventilated, cool, and dry place.


Due to the unique physical properties of calcium chloride (especially solid calcium chloride), such as high solubility, high heat of dissolution, strong hygroscopicity, and difficulty in freezing when dissolved at low temperatures, it has a wide range of applications in areas such as traffic winter thawing, road dust prevention, petroleum drilling, textile moisture absorption, etc.

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