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The role of calcium chloride in fertilizers

Calcium chloride appears as a white powder or crystal, with strong hygroscopicity and easy solubility in water. The aqueous solution is neutral and belongs to the category of physiological acidic fertilizers.

Calcium chloride is commonly used for both foliar spraying and tree body calcium supplementation. It is less commonly used as a calcium source in soilless cultivation and is mainly used for foliar spraying when crop calcium nutrition is insufficient. It can also be used as a calcium source in formulas.

Calcium chloride dihydrate, with a calcium content of 27%, in the form of flakes or powders, has good solubility, and the solution is clear. In agriculture, the general spraying concentration is 0.2% -0.3%. The spraying concentration should be low during the young fruit stage and high temperature weather to prevent burning of leaves and fruits. It can also be used in the later stage or after fruit harvesting.

Fertilizer plants generally use anhydrous calcium chloride (94%) to produce calcium hydroxide; There are many methods for producing foliar spraying, mixed granulation, and mixed fertilizers using powdered calcium chloride dihydrate (74%).

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